There’s that leather couch with lots of patterned pillows again! I really love that look. And I really like the rug too…well, all three of them!!! 🙂 Oh house, where are you?

I liked this family room, it seems so full of life and color. I like all the pictures between the windows, the plants in the corner/on the table right when you walk in, and my favorite part is the white kitchen table. Or at least I assume it’s a kitchen table. I like the idea of eating in the room you’re most comfortable in, that feels like the family. I also LOVE the white/wood dresser? TV stand? I’m really not sure, but I love it!!! Maybe when I get a flatscreen I can get something like this to put it on. That sounds nice…

And, finally, I REALLY like this chair. I really want one of this style for my future home or apartment. I like the patterned upholstery, the comfy bottom cushion, the ottoman. It looks so regal and grown up, but also fun and spindly and yay. And having a fun print makes it a little more casual. And also this mosaic wood table, found on lena’s blog, looks like an awesome diy project. Looks like what I was envisioning as a wedding present for Baxter and Maggie, but didn’t have a chance to make because their wedding was so soon after finals. Ah well, but still could be really fun. Eventually. i must delay this gratification for a little while longer…til I have a job and a house and all those necessary things. I need to be careful that I’m not searching for comfort and encouragement and safety in these things instead of from God, but it’s true that as I add pieces to my apartment that I really love, I do feel more peaceful when I come home. I wonder what a healthy balance is?