feeling very down today. lots of personal stuff whirling around in my head, and then add to it all the craziness in china right now, plus all the work i have to do. luckily, i have bible study tonight, so i think God must have known i’d be in need of some building up today. and while i’m counting my blessings, i’m thankful for–

1. laura visiting me in michigan, hopefully in july! yay! also the possibility of starting a book club. please, intelligent conversation, come find me. anything that doesn’t require me to talk about whether or not business strategies and structures are aligned and what i would do to make them more synergistic to attain a sustainable competitive advantage. i’m feeling the philosophical tug these days…what does it all mean…

2. i’m officially taking the job at whirlpool. they sent me an offer yesterday, and i’m going to accept today. i think it’ll be a really fun experience, and i’m hoping to work on some cool projects and learn a lot, so i’m quite pleased. praise God that this is no longer an anxiety, and that i might not have to take out as big of a loan as i thought i’d have to. also pray that i would start learning the responsibilities that come with being blessed financially. i haven’t been the best at giving in the past, but i hope that my heart can be changed, such that actions follow.

update: wouldn’t you know it that last night at bible study we talked about what it means to be generous, and who we are supposed to be generous to, and who are the poor. man, God is good.

3. friends being back in the u.s. after vacations to europe and beyond. even though i won’t get to see them for a while yet, it’s still comforting to know that they’re back in a familiar place, and that we can talk more often during the day. melanie, i’ve missed you.

alright, back to work. looking forward to later tonight–i think i’m going to watch LOST, starting with season 1. so that should be fun 🙂