So, in the special body image issue of InStyle, they did a big feature of top 20 online shopping sites for different categories. My favorites were:

I had heard of shopbop before, but I guess didn’t know what I was missing because it is amazing! Definitely a great place to find a LOT of discounted higher end dresses (though I wonder if it’s like that all the time, or just now because of our economy…). Anyway, the following ensembles really caught my eye!

Again, I had heard of this one because I think that was Milly‘s first big client, but had never really gone there to shop. They also have a great selection! Actually, I was fully prepared to buy this dress until I saw that it was sold out in my size! What a bummer…

The only bras that fit, really cute undergarments in general, as well as pajamas!

A lot of stuff to wade through, but favorite-ing artists makes it easier to shop around. Have bought multiple gifts there, and I’m sure I’ll be back. It’s really like a breath of fresh air shopping on etsy, because everything is so beautiful and you can tell someone put their heart and soul into making some of the pieces. Also, a cool interface, especially with the showcase and treasury galleries.

Still, MY FAVORITE place to shop online is probably, because their search is way better than everyone else’s (you can do it by size, color, shape, brand, price, etc.), their preview pictures are large and not flash movies (it always annoys me when i can’t save pictures to my desktop…one reason i don’t have very many images from needless markup on here, and when i do, they’re small), and they also have a huge dress shop, which is what I most enjoy shopping for. In fact, I kind of fell in love with this Zac Posen dress the other day, though I think it’s just a *bit* outside my price range…hahaha

And, also, random vest from Forever 21. I really should go in there one of these days and see what good deals I can find.


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