I’m usually much more of an Anthropologie kind of girl, but recently I’ve been all about Urban Outfitters. Perhaps it’s because it’s at a much lower price point than Anthro (and hence, much friendlier on my student-income wallet!), or because of the apparent trend away from so many graphic tees (they’ve never really been my style–except for my frango for fun shirt, some tees I inherited from my parents, and shirts from college of course). But regardless, here are some hot looks I’m enjoying right now! I started with these shoes…flat, metallic, a bit gladiator-like without being too masculine and bulky…I am in love!

Then I moved on to shirts, and found these great ones! So weird that I’m really not a fan of bubble dresses, but I think it’s kind of fun here with the shirt! And I love lace. Probably a bit risque for anything more than a layering shirt for me, but for that purpose I really like it! And finally, I really like the print of the third one!!

And then dresses…I love these first two–the red one is so cute with the cutouts and I really like the plainness of the rest of it, kind of has a vintage feel to it. A really fun weekend dress. And the blue house dress I am in love with. Sometimes I think I have mini identity crises with my clothes and I really do want to look like a 1950s housewife–I love the red piping and the tie sash! And finally this cute tie back dress, such a fun print and I love the back!