Just a quick note to say I finished Wuthering Heights the other morning. What an odd, terrible book–but also great. I don’t think I’ve read a Gothic book before, and the scene where Catherine goes hysterical before her death is heart wrenching. I honestly felt myself become unhinged and flailing for her survival, unable to control my emotions. Later when Heathcliff keeps Cathy and Nelly hostage while Mr. Linton is dying, I found myself SO outraged, and yet I didn’t barr animosity towards Bronte, and kept reading feverishly til the end. I’m not sure what to make of Heathcliff and Catherine’s love…it makes me think about how hard it is to let go of the person that you love, and how easy it is for one deranged mind to ruin so many other lives. Overall, I can’t quite say that I liked it, but I do respect Bronte’s power to keep me enraptured while such spiteful evil raged over everyone. Have any of you read Wuthering Heights? What did you think?