Hello! This morning I am happy to be eating a raspberry poptart and dove chocolate and orange juice (hm now that I type that out it kinda sounds like a disgusting combo, but it really is yummy!!!) and blog-blog-bloggin away. My class was unexpectedly canceled today, so, uh, I am free again today! Honestly I haven’t done much work in the past few days…except for my investments problem set which took like not a lot of time at all. Maybe I should go into finance, after all… Oh, and I think I’m finally gonna get my hair cut today. If all goes well I’ll share some pics soon. 🙂 Anyway, lately I’ve been saving a lot more art than I normally do. Here’s what I like today:

First up, underwater photography. I have a real soft spot for flowy garments under water.




This one is called Sunny Saturday…makes me think of sizzling pancakes in the morning!


I love love love this idea of a family portrait!!!!


Hmmm I could probably recreate this one!!!


I like that none of these go together hahaha 🙂


And lastly, this one is called Horizon, by the very talented Emily Barletta. It reminds me so much of the mountains in the Indian paintings Laura and I saw when we went to the Freer Gallery in DC a few weekends ago–see below!!!


Here’s the original…see more here.



2 Responses to “Le Art”

  1. Fred

    I am sure that the artist, Emily Barletta, whose art above you described above as “…this one really isn’t art…”, might take offense at your comment.

    You can view her art (including the piece that you described above as not art), at her website at http://emily-b.net

  2. jess

    My apologies Fred! When I originally saw this work, I thought it was the rolls of fabric of a sewer, that one had happened to snap a photo of (naive I know). You are of course right and I have updated the post accordingly. Thanks for the correction! 🙂


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