Okay, gift guides are coming…it’s just been a little crazy lately. I thought I would at least post this little wish list of my own first, and then go from there. So, begin!!!

1. Remember those fashion plates that you had when you were little that you scraped a colored pencil against to come up with little fashionista illustrations? Well, I was rather obsessed with those things, and I really enjoy this t-shirt that pays homage to a fun pasttime. 🙂


2. These adorable plaid barettes!!!


3. This pretty lemon quartz necklace…found on Etsy but really reminds me of John Hardy or David Yurman!


4. These pillows because the corn on the cobb apartments are my favorite buildings in Chicago!!!! I so want to live in them if I end up here next year…


5. These shoes from QVC 🙂


6. This robe from Target. I just bought the blanket version for my bed last week, and I am in love. I seriously have never felt anything so soft, and Todd assures me that it stays that way after you wash it. Yippee!