Ay ay ay, I’m back! I had a lovely Christmas break, and hope you all did too. It’s been football central around here, with lots of Monk, House, and Psych marathons thrown in 🙂 First we went to the EagleBank bowl in DC to watch Wake beat Navy!!!! Hooray 🙂 It was a good game that went til the end, but I was happy we prevailed. Then we went to Chevy’s for some mexican, yumm! I had never been there and was a bit dubious because it looked like a rather bad chain from the outside, but it was tasty!!! Grandma and Poppa came to Philly for a few days, which was really fun. Michael got a Wii Fit for Christmas which has been loads of fun. I really do want a Wii but I’m pretty sure I would never get anything done if I had one!! Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for breaks for now 🙂 He also got Dark Knight which we STILL haven’t watched! Perhaps today… I got a shiny new camera since my other one died…and a really fun skirt from Anthro that I can’t wait to wear! On the 27th we boarded a plane (well actually several planes) to go to TEXAS! We were going to watch Northwestern play in the Alamo bowl against Missouri in San Antonio. I had never been to San Antonio and had a blast! The riverwalk was really pretty and I was so thrilled to be in warm weather! I can’t tell you how I excited I was to bathe in the sunshine with no coat on!!! Was a tough game…ended up losing in overtime, but still had a great time. Since being back home we’ve done a whole lot of nothing…I managed to make it into Mom and Dad’s room just in time for the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown for New Year’s, and then went to sleep 😀 Yesterday I read books on the Kindle and watched TV (poor PSU!!! The Big 10 has such rotten luck in bowl games…) and ate lasagna. A great success I should think! Today we’re getting digital cable at the house (a present for Michael), raking leaves (ugh), and doing more reading (yay!). I finished 1984 and read Persuasion in Texas, and am now almost finished with Emma. I’m thinking about Dracula next…any other recommendations?? I’m looking for a classic that’s not mammoth-length. I am still recovering from Atlas. Well anyway, I think it’s probably time for a shower…hope everyone had a great holiday and that getting back to work isn’t that painful. Will update later on book reviews and maybe a few new year’s resolutions (I always seem to have a love-hate relationship with these things…). Til then! 🙂