Slowly getting back into the habit of posting on the blog. I apologize it’s been a bit erratic since finals/the holidays. Right now I am finishing up my box of frango chocolate (good thing I have a godiva santa to move on to next!) and drinking lots of water. For some reason I am PARCHED. Just got home a little bit ago from class…was originally signed up for the 6-9pm section of marketing research, but since I’m going to drop financial econometrics, I can switch to a different section of marketing in the afternoon and be home in the evening. I like the sound of that better. 🙂 But yeah, I ended up eating dinner in the Gleacher cafeteria, and a guy came up to me and was like, “Hey, is that a Kindle?” (I was reading on it). “Yeah-” (knowing he was about to ask if he could check it out). This has become increasingly common when I read in public places, and by now I have perfected my Kindle pitch. I know all the features that impress people, I have my anecdotes down pat about how my grandma uses the biggest font size, about how I can read in bed with a single finger poking out from under the covers. It really makes me SO HAPPY. I honestly have an irrational attachment to this piece of technology, that goes way deeper than that that I have for my iPod. If I were stranded on a desert island, assuming there was no wireless BUT an EVDO signal, I would bemoan the loss of my cell phone first, my Kindle second, my camera third, and my iPod fourth. My laptop would be way down the list since what good are computers without internet anyway? 😉 But yeah, I’m rather in love. And I want other people to be in love too. I seriously *can’t wait* for 2.0…but it better be as good as my dreams, and they’ve set the bar pretty high.