So, I’m trying to join a reading group, but it’s like finding a new church: painfully difficult to embark upon solo. Most of the ones I’ve found are downtown, and it’s just a lot of effort for something I’m not sure I’d like. So I thought, hey! How about an online reading group, where we could read the books on our own, and then chat about them online at some specific time and date. And just out of personal preference, I’d like to read classics. Apparently this kind of group does not exist!!!!! All the online reading groups/book clubs are email- or forum-based, so you can post whatever thoughts you have throughout the month, and there’s no real event where everyone gets together to chat. Gah, it makes me annoyed I want to start my own site to get this running! But then again, I could easily just form a group with friends I already have and open a group chat in Google…quite easy. Soooooooooooooooo anyone interested in forming a classics book club with me????


2 Responses to “Grrrrr”

    • jess

      lame! i may submit you to more blog book reviews then…if i can get no one to participate in a live chat!!!


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