Melanie, Katie, and I are running the Chicago Marathon this October!!!! I am super excited–I really want to be under 4 hours this year, and I think I can do it if I commit to doing the cross training and avoid injuries (aka commit to stretching!!!). So we’ll see. I’ve run really sporadically the past few weeks but as it is now March I think it’s time to start running regularly again (oh how my body enjoyed those months off though haha!!). I’m excited for warmer weather here so I can run outside (it is soooo boring staring at a wall for even 3 miles!). Today is a good day, I think. Lots of busyness this morning getting things ready for the class next quarter, and next I am picking out my LAST quarter of classes! Wow! It has just flown by and really I have loved getting my MBA, but I’m excited for the next chapter too 🙂 After picking classes it’s time to run and do some laundry, get ready, do some general cleaning around here, and prepare for my meeting later. Hope everyone is doing well!