Pretty bedrooms from HGTV’s Rate My Space:

1. I really like the bedspread and window seat. I would have painted a dark blue accent wall or a lighter blue on all four walls. It also would have been nice to have a more prominent white bed with head/foot boards.


2. This room is kinda crazy but I like the happiness of it. In general I don’t like to paint ceilings the same color as the walls but here it looks nice because there’s  a ton of light. I really like the use of white, dark green, black, and burgundy accessories with the intense coral and lime on the walls. Kind of reminds me of Anthropologie, and who doesn’t love that?



3. I really like the white mirror/bedside tables against the color walls, and the bedding (incidentally, from Anthropologie). I think I wouldn’t have had so many little stripes on the accent wall, and no white ones.


4. A much more calming bedroom…not really my style but I like the rug.


5. I kind of like this bedding…


(last photo actually from apartment therapy)