This girl rocks; I love her hair.


I’m also loving this redhead’s look…I may have bid on a shortshort black dress from her etsy shop…


What do we think of the toned down gladiator look? I’m really enjoying it! So far I have stayed well away from shoe purchases…


Though I may head into Nordstrom Rack soon to see if I can get any good deals on boots, since Chicago prob still has a good month left of winter…


Also loving this bag from Anthropologie…so pretty!


Hello all!I know it’s been a while since I last posted…it’s finals week here so I was a bit hairbrained. Thankfully all my exams are over and I just have a few things to take care of before I head to North Carolina for spring break!!! Yay I am really excited. Hopefully the weather will be like this and not Chicago cold!


Til Sunday I am working on last minute class stuff, grading, and going to see Jersey Boys tomorrow with Stacey, Colleen and Colleen’s mom. Should be lots of fun!!! OH—and of course watching Wake in the NCAA tournament! Right now I’m doing pretty badly in all of my pools, but hopefully that’ll change soon. Crazy that ETSU almost won today against Pitt! Even though I had Pitt in my final four I was definitely rooting for ETSU to pull off their epic win. Too bad… Alright, back to work so I can watch the game later! Much love.