well, back at home in chicago after a lovely week traveling to NC to visit drew and meg, mel, and katie. spent the week in winston doing quite a bit of nothing but spending lots of time with drew and trying to avoid my email. also met his friends and roommates and ate lots of yummy food…and went to shag on the mag to dance!!!! i lovelovelove dancing so that was a nice way to end our time together. it was rully nice to be together for such a long time with nothing that needed to be done (although i find that whirlpool haunts me everywhere…kinda not thrilled about that). nice just to know that he’d be the first and last person i’d see every day. 🙂

then on saturday met up with meg, mel and katie for brunch at midtown, saw meg’s house with all its new paint colors, and then went back to chapel hill with mel and katie. basically just chilled the entire time i was there watching movies and planet earth besides church and walking the dogs outside (notably i wore a skirt and a short sleeve shirt today…two different outfits but still…now i am wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt and a coat). but a good amount of chat time which was really nice, definitely something i miss. it does make me wish we were closer so it wouldn’t always have to be catchup, but hopefully we’ll actually communicate via the blog a bit more regularly, and the marathon i think will be a good experience to go through together. also hopefully drew and i will move a bit closer to NC than chicago (dc is really growing on me!), soooooo we’ll see. overall a very enjoyable week.

gotta get back down to business tomorrow and see about getting my replacement kindle (drew stepped on mine this week…HMMM) from fedex office somewhere…and then books and such for probably my LAST QUARTER OF CLASSES EVER. so weird. and yet, i kinda feel like i’ll do some sort of continuing education or crazy masters when i’m like 50, so it feels a little empty to say i’ll be done with finals forever, cuz i probably won’t. but still, for a long while anyway. kinda nice. 😉 anyway, off to watch some internet tv…i’ll sign off with this cute kitchen plate idea!!! i like the kitchy-ness of the mismatched plates and the modern sputnik chandelier over the table.