Sitting in the reading room thinking about doing the reading for my first class (we start today). Am pretty lonely today. After being with Drew most every moment for a week, and then with Mel and Katie for a few days, being back on my own is rather solitary. For the past two nights I’ve been overcome with a slight panicky feeling when I go to bed…which is not so fun :-\ Yesterday I stayed home and researched jobs and generally fooled around online for the entire day, which I think just did not help things. So now I’m at Booth, at least surrounded by some other people, and time to get to work. I did see a guy I went to Barcelona with in the college bookstore when I was getting my books…and we chatted for a few mins and I found out he is entering the Econ PhD program at the business school!!! Woah small world!!! I was like, hey, I just left that program hahaha. But yeah he and his girlfriend are going back to Barcelona in July and I was like gahhhhh I want to go. We’ll see. Christine is trying to convince me to do the last week of the Camino de Santiago with her, so depending on the job situation that could be really fun.

Anyway enough of that. I’ll just share these two adorable etsy finds…