Hello! I know, I know–it’s been a long time since my last post. I’m just now taking a breather from our trip to Germany, and then the crazed week after where I had to catch up on everything I missed. Today I have spent quite a lazy morning reading and catching up on facebook (okay, I may have snuck in some daydreaming about DC apartments as well…). I am almost done with Villette (so far NOT as good as Jane Eyre, as I was hoping it would be so I could be part of that small group of devoted Charlotte Bronte fans that knew that the much less known book was actually her best. What a snob I am! Luckily it didn’t come to that and Jane Eyre remains the rightful star). After Villette, I’m going to start Swann’s Way with Laura (anyone else want to join in?). I’ve only read snippets of Proust before, so I’m excited about my first whole novel. From the reviews on Amazon it seems like it’ll be a wading, dense cloud of poignant introspection which, you know, isn’t what I often read! But I’m excited about it and hopefully it’ll be good! I do like a book that makes me think.

But about my trip! We had a great time. It was much different than Todd’s and my trip to Europe two summers ago, in that it was much more relaxed in pace, saw a lot more smaller cities than larger ones. We rented a car, so traveled several hours each day amongst the mountains and valleys and beautiful countryside of Germany and Austria. Also, because we were so close, we decided to dip into Switzerland and Lichtenstein because I had never been and just so we could say we’d been hahaha! It was great fun. We started out in Tubingen where Todd is studying abroad, then went to nearby Stuttgart, Blauboingen, Ulm, and another one I forget the name of…visited the Porsche museum for Michael, which was really fun (we estimated they had over 10 million euros worth of cars in the shop), walked along the winding and steep city streets, climbed the tallest church steeple in the world, visited a natural spring with crazy blue water, hiked in the Alps, then headed over to Salzburg for the Sound of Music tour (awesome but I think Michael was about to throw himself in front of the tires when the whole bus burst out into song…hilarious!), then over to Munich to visit our favorite chocolate shop, bike through the Englischer Gardens, eat lots of delicious Bavarian food (at last! Bavaria! those other regions have nothing on you), and finally tour the Bayern Munchen soccer stadium which was great fun and Michael LOVED. All in all a very fun trip. I was sad we didn’t get to the art museum in Salzburg, but I guess I’ll just have to go back 🙂 Will post pictures on Facebook soon, but here’s a taste!germany-trip-april-2009-039