Hi! So first off, I have a second-round interview next week with Direct Supply, an eldercare retail supplier based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ll be there probably next Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon, so hopefully that’ll go well! I also heard from Uncommon Schools, a growing network of urban public charter schools in NY/NJ, to schedule a phone screen for next week. Hooray! I am super excited about this one so hopefully that goes well too! Glad to have some good news finally on the job front… Also heard from Nancy that there is a Whirlpool internship spot open for me, which is quite kind, but at this point I’m really hoping I can jump into a full-time job instead of an internship (though preferably I can start in the fall!!! we’ll see about that one though).

Also, I came across this fantastic website called Humble Abode whilst searching for a nickel bed frame. I really like the look to go in a pale blue bedroom with white bedding and white accessories. Anyway, here are the ones I particularly liked!