So I’m sitting in the reading room about to get started on some homework due later in the week, but I thought I’d write a little entry first. I had a fantastic weekend, where basically Christine and I did nothing, and I really do mean nothing. For two whole days. It was glorious 🙂 I did some reading, cleaning, and, uh, watched a lot of the Dog Whisperer. I think I may now be rather obsessed. And I want a dog reeeeeaaaaallly bad now. Seriously, it’s bad. Last night I dreamed about becoming Nastia Liukin’s new bff and we decided to get an apartment together and get a gorgeous tan and white female pit bull puppy. I think my subconscious is feeling a bit guilty for loving Shawn Johnson so much more than Nastia since she’s so adorable on DWTS, so that’s where that comes from. And I think pit bulls are really fun and energetic and cute! But yeah. Anyway. Last night I also made a humongous loaf of banana bread. Apparently the recipe I made was supposed to yield two loaves but I discovered after I’d already mixed everything that I actually didn’t have any bread pans. So I used this square-ish pan that was only about 60% of the volume of two bread pans so after I put it in the oven I was like, oh dear this is gonna overflow and get all over the oven (I’ve had this experience before when I tried to make poppyseed cake in a square pan that was MUCH smaller than the required tube pan…it was a mess). But yay! This time it turned out okay and it JUST filled to the top of the pan, so I cut it in half and now we have two loaves of banana bread like we’re supposed to. And it’s really pretty yummy, if I do say so myself 😉

This morning I decided it was time to get back on the running wagon. Last week was a disaster as I only ran once, and I know I’m going to really regret it in October if I’m not doing everything I can do build my strength and such. So…yes! This morning it was beautiful outside so I took a nice jog up to 47th street along the lake which was great, then came inside and did my stretching in the exercise room. I think in order to keep myself on the wagon, I’m gonna take a cue from Becca and start logging when/how far I run each week, so at least I can keep track, and then if you don’t hear from me for a while you can badger me about how lazy I’m being. Sound good? I hope so.

Mon 5/4 3.0 miles 25 mins stretch 30 mins

Stretching feels really good! I tried doing a center split today and I think I almost killed myself. But I’m going to work toward it and try to stay there a bit longer every day. Alright, it really is time to get to work now. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day today! 🙂