Has anyone been watching Dancing with the Stars? I watch it while eating dinner on Mondays usually and I am falling in love with Shawn Johnson every week! I just think she’s adorable. Anyway she and Mark did a Cha Cha to PYT so now I’m all Michael Jackson-centric on my iPod. Anyway, some pretty little things to share!

Don’t you like these wood and black end tables put together as a coffee table? I think they’re really cute!


Another late arrival! I thought this was just the cutest idea ever that I’ll be sure to implement when I have a family. But Melanie I thought of you and your kids, maybe you can use something similar next year!


These remind of Grandma and Poppa’s china. I’d really like to have a set of my own; they’re so pretty!


Cute boots, too bad it’s spring already!


Cute ceramic rings 🙂


Yummy T-strap ruffle shoes. Where can I find me a pair of these?