Whew, tired. Didn’t feel like running this morning so instead of going outside I ran on the treadmill downstairs. Goodness, it gets hot in there! It prob would have been better if I went outside with the breeze 😉 I also seem to forget every time that it’s SO BORING to run on the treadmill, so I had some fun in increasing my speed every .2 miles. Oh, yeah, fun. I think I got up to 7.5 (8 min mile) before I was like, okay, that’s enough hahaha. But yeah, I think I will plan to have a day of speed training during the actual marathon training, so if you have any ideas on good workouts let me know! I’m debating whether I want to do this on Tuesdays (first day after long day) or Wednesdays (already increased mileage)…decisions. Anyway,

Tues 5/12 3.0 miles 26 mins stretch 25 mins

Have also discovered Backstreet Boys as excellent stretching music. I was rockin out to I Want it That Way during my pike stretches and I held them a lot longer than normal hooray! Can successfully do the right leg splits, but not the left or center yet. Coming soon! Off to showerrrrrrrrrr.