Well, it’s official; I’ve killed my bromeliad plant. I think I was a little (a lot) inconsistent with the watering. On the upside, it gave off a baby that I successfully repotted. On the downside, the mom plant died. I’ve stripped away the dead and rotting leaves and am praying that the roots decide to flourish again, but we’ll see. I think the lesson here is really I need an outdoor garden, where the sun and rain can do most (all) of the work.

This garden (tended to by Erin’s mom from Elements of Style) is like my dream…I just love the sitting area, like a relaxed formal garden!!! If I ever have a yard I’ll want to do something similar, although most likely on a smaller scale. So pretty!

Picture 53

I love seedum.


This is actually a house that Erin’s dad’s firm designed. I just love the entry path!

Picture 24