It’s been a crazy week…a really crazy week. On the upside,

1. Things are going really well in one of my projects for school. I love the people I am working with and this week we had to do a lot of data work which I forgot how much I loved. We’re having a big meeting with the other half of our team on Monday and I can’t wait.

2. I have an interview for a nonprofit consulting job on Tuesday!!! In person!!! I am very excited…will let you know how it goes.

3. Yesterday morning I finally figured out what I want to write my book about. I have been writing…mostly poetry, but I think now that I have a book idea in mind I can finally get started on it.(!!!)

4. The Art Institute just opened their ginormous Modern Wing and it’s free now until next Friday. I was thinking about going today but I know it’s going to be mobbed so now I’m thinking of going Friday morning…hooray!

5. My FAVORITE 80s cover band, 16 Candles, is playing in Chicago tonight and I think Colleen, Stacey and I are going to go watch! I’m so excited! I do need something to wear though…

6. Drewie graduates from grad school on Monday!!! I’m kinda sad I won’t be able to go to the ceremony and such, but I’m happy that his mom and Mickey are down there, and in general I’m excited for him. Joe Biden is speaking at commencement, who is one of Drew’s idols, so that should be extra special. 🙂

On the downside,

1. My room is a disaster, and has been for weeks. Priority #1 today is getting laundry done, and straightening up. Also grocery shopping. I need to start eating real food again instead of the standard grilled chicken sandwich with swiss cheese and bacon that the guy knows I get every time now. I mean I love having friends at the cafeteria where I can order “the usual” and they know what that means, but seriously, it’s getting out of hand.

2. One of my family members committed suicide last night. Can’t quite process yet…

3. Lots of jobs I need to apply for still…that’s priority #3 (after grocery shopping).

Yeah, all in all, life is pretty good. I am happy where it’s going, happy to be almost done with grad school (what?? I just started!), happy to start my career, and definitely happy to be in the same city as Drew finally! Anyway, will update more a bit later, but now it’s time to tackle my room.

ps. I did run yesterday, but am thinking of taking today off and running tomorrow instead. Going to go for 5 miles, so if that’s not how much I run you better heckle me! Better to state a goal and then have to achieve it 😉 Later!