New goal: to finish this list in 14 weeks (August 28). Longer than 12 because I have finals coming up, but then also a whole lot of nothin’ to do after that… 🙂 Anyone want to join in?

books to read 090522

I’m also thinking of doing the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge with some fellow bloggers. I’ve always wanted to learn how to bake bread from scratch, and I’m thinking all the available bread around the house might just make me eat more carbs (lately I have been completely disinterested in food…kind of a problem). Plus, I have a fancy KitchenAid stand mixer just sitting around collecting dust! (though I did use it to bake two loaves of banana bread recently…yum!) Anyone want to join in? I’m thinking of starting this after finals and then trying to do a recipe every other week? I may buy the book today…it’s been sitting on my wish list for a few weeks now…

Anyway, off to run! Hope everyone’s having a fabulous day 🙂


2 Responses to “Books to Read”

  1. Appoggiatura

    Just saw this list. Are you doing these in the order listed, or no particular order? If so, I’m in. I would have to get the Dostoevsky on interlibrary loan, but I think I can pick the other stuff up there or from my own shelf. I need some structure to my reading right now…

    • jess

      Hey there! Excellent–I would love a reading partner! I actually finished Lord of the Flies over the weekend…so looking to start another one soon. Was thinking Prince of Tides or The Possessed. Any preferences?


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