So all in all it’s been a pretty good week! A few highlights:

1. Got my Nike+ in the mail…hooray! Have only used it on two runs so far, but so far I really like it! I think I’ve finally figured out how to position the sensor on my shoe so it doesn’t move…at first it was giving me really wobbly results because it was bouncing around on top of my shoe, but hopefully that”ll be more accurate now. I also just found out that Becca’s parents gave her one and that Nike is updating the Nike Running website over the summer to include friends and such…so hopefully we can keep accountable on there at some point! And MelKatieLaura, think about it!

2. Drew found a job! He may have another offer so is in the negotiation stage right now…but we at least know we’ll be moving to DC for sure. I am so relieved and excited–so much so that I spilled the beans at 3 in the morning on facebook before he was able to call some people…oops. But yes, now I just need to find me a job. Should be easy, right? So far not so much…so looking for all the help I can get! We’ll see soon enough 🙂

3. I also received my Bread Baker’s Apprentice book in the mail!!! I am very excited to learn how to bake bread well, and have already begun reading the 100+ page preamble for all the tactical and background info you need to know, which has been so helpful. Reinhart is very engaging and explains things really well, so I’m excited to get started. Probably tomorrow.

Well, that’s about all. Looks rather dreary outside so seems like a good day to get some things down around the house. Somehow my room has slid back into mayhem, and dishes are piling up again. Oh joy. But first, pancakes!