So yesterday was my last presentation of grad school…it’s over! I honestly feel like I just got here. It just goes by so quick. In the past two years, I’ve met lots of fabulous people, learned lots of cool things about business, and most importantly learned a lot about myself (barf, I know–but true!). It was a different experience being on my own after college, and even though I hated it at times and felt lonely others, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it…I think I grew a lot as a person (and as I’m typing this I can’t help thinking that running the marathon was no small part of it–I really think everyone should do at least one in their lives). That said, I am SO excited for the next chapter, where Drew and I move to DC! He decided on a job, and I have a few leads on other jobs (Nancy may have spammed my resume to everyone she knows so I’m getting in touch with some great people)–so hopefully that will be settled soon and we can pick out an apartment! I am really excited to get working–I’ve missed it a lot. I miss the dedicated space of work where you have a routine of going to work with others. I sort of had that with the reading room, but it wasn’t near as regular as it should have been 😉 I told Nancy that I really expected to feel more finality to the end of my education (when all my friends were celebrating their last final ever of college, I couldn’t really relate)…but honestly, I don’t see my education as being over. Right now I’m going to work for awhile, but I’m sure I’ll be back. To study what I’m not quite sure, but I’ll figure it out! Haha, but yes, yay for being done, and yay for what’s sure to be a crazy summer of lots of activity. I’m heading to Philly on Tuesday and staying there for a while…depending on when I get a job, I’ll eventually make it down to DC. My lease in Chicago ends on August 31, but if I have a month of overlap, I’m gonna call that good enough. Anyway, off to make breakfast for Drew so maybe he will smell it and wake up!!! Hope everyone’s having a great Friday–it’s sunny in Chicago! 🙂

ps. If anyone wants to read Prince of Tides with me, I’m a few chapters in and LOVING it so far! I would be thrilled to have a reading partner or two–I’ll plan to write a little review once I finish…been a while since one of those, huh?


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