I know, I’ve been a lazy blogger. But that’s just cuz I’ve been crazy busy! I promise I’ll be better now. Actually my fingers are a little tired, so I’ll do the rest of this post in bullet format:

1. Made my Artos bread today! More details and pics later…realized earlier that I forgot my camera in Chicago.

2. Found out my mom reads this blog…hi Mom!

3. Am back in Philly for the next while–did I mention that in my last post? Anyway back at home for a while until I find a job. Even though yesterday and today I didn’t do any job searching. But I did do a lot of errands and grading and apartment searching and baking! I feel like that’s good enough.

4. Still running! Now that I have the Nike + it’s easier to track my progress through that website, so I haven’t done much reposting over here. But yeah, into official training now, which is fun. And I’m glad to have a free schedule that allows blocked out running time! Yesterday I tried to run with the dog, and it was a real struggle. He didn’t really want to move past mile 1 but somehow we made it to 3 and arrived safely back at home. But with all the dragging and stopping I had to do for him to go to the bathroom like 4 times, my pace was all off. I was not pleased at all when my average pace of all my training jumped by like 10 seconds hahaha. Anyway, went at it solo today, but with fancy new running shoes! Hooray.

That’s all for now. Am starved for dinner, so hopefully that’ll be ready soon…and then I WILL watch the Bachelorette tonight! I’m so far behind but I can’t wait. And I’m sure I’ll be even more excited when I finish and there are only a couple days until the next episode–woot!


4 Responses to “Well hello there!”

  1. greg

    Happen to come upon your blog through Pinch My Salt web page. I too love the nike+. Anyway, great blog and hope your Artos bread turned out okay.

  2. hani

    Hi there,
    I loves droppin by yr beautiful site. I like your style of design and fashion.

    I want to give you Award for One Lovely Award.. Please take the award from my site.. Thank you. 🙂


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