Well hey there!

My lovely brother Todd just emailed me all the pics of the bread I’ve baked but have neglected to post about yet (don’t worry! I’m still in the challenge). When I moved to DC I forgot to load them onto my computer before I left (I took them on my mom’s camera), so they’ve been in limbo land for while. But yes! Finally, here’s my bread!

This week was Artos, a Greek celebration bread. There are lots of variations, including some with nuts and raisins and other dried fruit, but I stuck to the classic this time around (and to be honest I’m not a big fan of fruits and nuts in my bread). There were lots of yummy spices in this one that made it delightful to sniff while it cooked, and I enjoyed the LARGE loaf for several weeks after when I made up some french toast to eat for breakfast. Overall the baking went pretty well except for the fact that it rose so much in the oven that it bumped into the shelf above it!!! Dang! I was so depressed because it was my first real boule and I had made it so well, and then it came out with weird indents all over it (I took out the offending shelf with about 10 minutes of cook time to go). But it still tasted good! And I think I’d make this one again, though maybe a half portion since Drew and I just don’t eat that much bread.

Oh dear, seem to have misplaced the pics for this one…well, full steam ahead!