Okay so when I read that the casatiello was a bread with cheese and salami I thought, oh no, I don’t eat salami, and I’m really not a fan of cheese in my bread (what can I say? I’m a purist). In the end I compromised and included mozerella and cheddar cheese, but omitted the salami…I’m sorry I just find it gross. I made these into little muffins and a little boule with the leftover dough that didn’t fit into one pan. We ate a few right away on the way to pick up Todd from the airport and I have to say, they were delicious! They weren’t too cheesy, and since they were warm the cheese was all melty and yummy. I have to say they were decidedly not as good once they had cooled, so if I made them again, I’d only make enough to feed people right away at dinner.

Also, because I love you, I thought I’d just share what kind of photog sessions go down once I’ve baked all this bread: the unabridged version of my casatiello.







Honestly! You’d think there was a limit to how many times you could arrange some muffins on a tray 😉 Oh it’s all in good fun, but does this little dance happen to anyone else?

Obligatory link to the BBA Challenge!