Mmmm, this was good. I ended up making a half recipe of this and the casatiello because I made them at the same time, and boy was I glad I did. I ended up with a huge loaf of challah and even though we ate it all, it was enough! All braided loaves remind me of my aunt’s cinnamon bread that we eat at Christmastime toasted with butter. It reminds me of warm pajamas and family and sleepy, happy times, and I have to say, the challah lived up to those memories. It was nice and crusty on the outside, and really moist on the inside, and toasted really well. One morning Mom and I had like 6 slices, so we deemed that as a sign that it was pretty tasty. Michael said it was “alright” hahaha 🙂 Also Wrigley (the puggle!) really liked it as well!!!




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