Well, it was unanimous that this was the favorite one so far. I did a half recipe of this one because I made it at the same time as the cinnamon buns, and it was gone in one night. I came down the next morning and there was a measly little piece that I promptly ate up, sad that there wasn’t any more but also pleased that it was such a big hit. It wasn’t exactly how I pictured it turning out…I kept thinking of the oily ciabattas I normally eat at restaurants, and this definitely wasn’t that. But it was nice and crusty, if a bit smaller holes than I should have had as I degassed the dough accidentally even though Peter Reinhart warned me that I had to be careful…whoops. But I would definitely make this again if I was having friends over or whatnot…and even though I would put this one behind the bagels, Michael thinks it’s a close favorite. Well, I guess it doesn’t get any better than that!

Michael pointing out the spot where I must have sprayed the water a little wildly in the oven. Ciabatta was the first of the rustic breads, and as I don’t have a steaming oven, OR a spray bottle, I ended up using a turkey baster to spray water into the oven every 30 seconds. In the end I think it worked pretty well!



You know you want to start acting like a crazy bread freak like the rest of us participating in the BBA Challenge 🙂