So Michael had a soccer tournament one weekend and I decided to make a double batch of cinnamon buns to bring for all the parents and such. Oy! This was my first adventure of not all the dough fitting in the mixer. After struggling for a few minutes to knead the dough like a real human being, I cut the dough in half and mixed it KitchenAid style in shifts. What can I say, I guess I’m just a wimp in the kneading department. I like kneading the last minute by hand and feeling it all come together on the counter, but I’m quite happy to let modern marvels get me to that last step. So, yeah. I was thinking about doing half cinnamon buns, half sticky buns, but then it was going to be a nightmare baking them all together and I just decided, no I’m gonna do all sticky buns. So at 3:30am on Saturday I crept downstairs to take the buns out of the fridge so they could finish the last proof, then stuck ’em in the oven around 7. That’s when I discovered we only had about 1 cup of powdered sugar for the glaze. Well, no problem, I’ll just make my own from granulated sugar and a bit of corn starch. Except for the Cuisinart must have HATED me and I only got half-the-size-of-granualated-sugar particles, and as we were already running late, I just had to plow on. So I made the glaze that didn’t quite turn into a smooth paste, and spooned it onto the buns. I think we ended up with…well at least 30. Everyone really enjoyed them, and I think if I made them again I would make them bigger and actually use powdered sugar, and they’d be great!


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