Hooray! A weekend at home at last! We’re sitting in the living room with the laundry going watching SportsCenter and going to Wachovia in a moment to open our joint account. Goodness, all the sudden I’m feeling very domestic. I woke up this morning and unthinkingly put a load of wash in and then fifteen minutes later was like, woah I’m turning into my mother. Weird sensation. But! Happy day I found my nuts and bolts and whatever to put on my bike rack and I bought a little pump to put air in the tires so yay, I can bike around all the awesome trails we have soon. As for today, I have my next bread for the BBA Challenge (cinnamon raisin bread…axing the walnuts), and then Drew wants to play some video game called Diablo. Also hopefully tennis, or running as sometime this weekend I need to run 15 miles. Hmm! I have been a little spotty lately because I did something funky to my hip a while back, but it’s getting better I guess, so hopefully it’s alright. Anyway, off to enjoy the day–hope everyone has a delightful weekend! (oh man, any other HIMYM fans out there that can’t wait til the end of September? I’m dying over here.)

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