Okay, so I may have a  teeny tiny girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. I think it started with a CD Laura sent me in the mail that was Vol. 1 of She & Him.

Then it was her clothes and interviews in InStyle where she talked about just being herself and staying out of headlines because she was the opposite of scandalous.



Then it was her acting in Yes Man and (500) Days of Summer (really liked both).

Have already mentioned naming future dog Zooey to Drew…and he didn’t seem to hate it, which is a good sign. We’ll see! As I think I already mentioned, we’re making ourselves wait until I get a job before we get a canine friend. So, come on, employers in the DC metro area! Soooo overjoyed that I get to spend my birthday applying to jobs like every other day. And yet I plan to make this a most productive day–work accomplished, lots of practice in making a happy home, being patient and generous to others, being an old-fashioned good girl (I may have just finished reading Little Women…). Oh! But returning to the original subject of this post–the lovely Zooey–imagine my delight when I saw the new Kate Spade line with mod-inspired clothes and a model with voluminous chocolate hair piled on top of her head, heavy bangs, and red lipstick???

kate spade

kate spade1

I think it’s time to get some raspberry and mustard tights, friends. Have a lovely Tuesday!