bread 034

So this was the first quickbread of the BBA Challenge. I didn’t quite realize this until I put it in the pan and was like, wait, what? Put it in the oven already? So that was a nice change from 3+ hour breads 🙂 But yeah, I was pretty excited to make this one because 1) I love cornbread, 2) I love bacon. The process was pretty easy. Had to soak the cornmeal in buttermilk overnight, then add in all the dry and wet ingredients. The batter goes in the pan (I used a smallish pie pan from Baker’s Square…can I call this vintage since BS is out of business?) and then I layered come bacon crumbs on the top before baking it in the oven. And that was it! But the best part was that after it cooled a bit, it tasted really good. My barometer for cornbread is Boston Market (I know, I know…but it’s just so. good.) and while this one is different with whole kernels and bacon, etc. it is every bit as good! Unfortunately Drew doesn’t like cornbread, so I ended up freezing individual pieces so I can eat them at my leisure. But yeah, turned out well!

bread 018

bread 020

bread 027

bread 032

bread 035

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