bread 044

Hahaha okay so if you read the title of this post and then looked at the picture above, you might be thinking um those raisins don’t look like cranberries, or walnuts. Well that’s because I basically exchanged this entire recipe for a different one. What can I say? Maybe it was the fact that my cinnamon raisin bread was such a disappointment, or that I really don’t like cranberries or walnuts, that I decided to sub raisins instead. But why stop there! My last experience with lemon extract was less than ideal so I decided to buy the $5.69 raspberry extract at the grocery store and give that a try. The result? Maybe my favorite bread so far! It was so delicious and moist and soft and SMELLED so good! I’m officially a raspberry extract convert. And I LOVE eggy doughs so that also helped. I made a half recipe of this one too because now that I’m a two-person household instead of 5, there just aren’t enough people to eat all this bread (I made this one at the same time as the cornbread). So yeah! This one I really enjoyed…have been having a piece for breakfast every day so far, and I think I’ll be a trifle sad when it’s all gone! Bottom line–I’m back on top 🙂

bread 038

bread 045

bread 048

Hope you enjoyed this latest installment of the BBA Challenge–it’s never too late to join, and it’s been loads of fun 🙂

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