A few months ago Drew and I went to the Art Institute in Chicago and we both fell in love with this painting, called Eis 4.

gerard richter eis 4

It was in a set of 4 of the same style, including the one below, and they were all brilliant. It’s hard to tell on a screen, but he scrapes on different layers of paint, so they’re really 3-dimensional up close. They are really really cool.

gerard richter eis 1

We thought hard about getting a print of Eis 4 while we were there, but it was kinda expensive for a impulse buy and we didn’t have a good way to get it where we were going. But months later and I can’t stop thinking about it! So I went to Gerhard Richter’s website and took a gander at what else he’s done. Here are my favorites…which do you like?

gerhard richter abstract painting-2

gerhard richter abstract painting-1

gerhard richter grad degree

gerhard richter abstract painting

gerard richter rain 2

gerard richter schwan 3

[all images via gerhard-richter.com]

5 Responses to “Gerhard Richter”

  1. Anonymous


    I am looking for the title of the Sixth painting, but cannot find it on Richter website..Could you help me?

    thank you so much,


    • Jess

      Hi Stephanie,

      Just went to the site myself and can’t find that painting either…my guess is it’s one of the ones that the image can’t be found on the Richter website. I do know that it’s just called Abstract Painting, but I don’t know the CRR number. Sorry I can’t be more help.


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