dc 019

These were fun! I really enjoy english muffins but to my tiny little budget they seem like a bit of an extravagance, so it was cool to have an excuse to make them! Found out later that this dough is the same as white bread dough, so I’ll have to make a loaf and see how it tastes. Instead of baking these in the oven, I made them in two batches on my panini grill, and I agree with Nicole that it was neat to watch them puff out and cook! I thought mine would get a bit flatter like commercial english muffins, but they ended up quite tall! Used the fork splitting technique so I got all the nooks and crannies when I toasted them with butter and jam…and all in all a success. Next up in the BBA Challenge: foccacia and french bread.


4 Responses to “BBA #12 English Muffins”

    • jess

      Thanks Donna! I am really looking forward to the focaccia and the french bread (starting tonight) so we’ll see how they go!

  1. Frieda

    Fabulous English muffins ~ great job! You will absolutely love making the focaccia…I made a half batch and put it in a jelly roll pan; a much better size for our family of three. French bread is so much fun to make…you’ll learn a lot!

    • jess

      Thanks Frieda! I will probably make half batches of both breads as we only have 2 to eat it all…glad yours turned out well!


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