bread 032

This was fun! Different than a lot of the other breads because of all the oil and dimpling and more oil and more dimpling, but in the end it was quite tasty. Still turned out a bit more “bready” than I had hoped, but did get some smaller holes still. Must resist the urge to pop those little gas bubbles! I’m always super concerned that there’s going to be a weird blob on the finished loaf and forget that it all seems to even out in the oven. Still tasty…if I made it again I would use more oil on the top (skimped a bit this time because it just seemed like so much!).

The end of Day 1…putting it into the pan with the oil mixed with an herb sauce I had made for something else a few days ago. Ended up quite nice even though the herbs were pretty much pureed at this point 😉

bread 020

Here’s it after the first dimpling…

bread 022

And voila!

bread 035

STILL not too late to join us in the BBA Challenge!


2 Responses to “BBA #13 Focaccia”

  1. Frieda

    Oooohh…pretty~ This is a bread that I will be making often. I’m with you on the dimpling…it was a lot of hands on fun! Great post~


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