Hey friends,

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Here in DC we are having the most fabulous weather, and Drew and I just got back from lunch! Today was my 20 mile day for marathon training, and after frustratedly looking for my Nike+ receiver throughout the apartment for like 45 minutes (I finally did find it), I got to running at about 10.

Well, right away I was nervous because I have been having stomach pains the past couple days and they set in early. And my knees decided to hurt before I even got through a mile. Oy! But eventually I got onto the path and settled in a bit and it was great! It was sunny and cool and a bit windy, which was quite pleasant to run in. After mile 5, I found the bridge over to DC and I took it, with no plan as to where to run.

I found myself in Georgetown once I crossed to Potomac, and in my panic for not knowing where the heck I was going, I started following this really tall muscular man for a mile or so. Then I got my bearings and decided to turn north a bit and go through Dupont, and then wandered southeast to the Mall. I wasn’t exactly sure where it was so I took a really roundabout way and ended up getting there around mile 9. Ran toward the Washington monument for a bit, then turned back north and went up to M street, then west back to Georgetown to cross back into Virginia.

As luck would have it, my little jaunt into DC was the perfect 10 miles I needed and I was right on track when I got back on the path. Around mile 14-15 I started to get a bit lazy…my legs were stiff but not too tired, and my arms and chest felt good. But I was wearing a backpack today for my water and Gatorade and snacks, and my arms were starting to chafe from the straps. Annoying! I was going to take some Gu, but I chickened out AGAIN. So instead I walked a little bit and then ran the rest of the way back…ended up finishing in 3:40, which I was pleased with.

I am thinking of doing another 20-miler next weekend because I missed a few long runs a while back with my hip craziness. Luckily that seems to be doing okay although there’s something funky going on in my left foot…at about mile 16 it started feeling a bit numb, which was a little disconcerting. Hopefully I can find something on the internet that will tell me what to do about that so that won’t be a problem.

I think I’m going to have revise my goal pace back for the race, but that’s okay. My new goal is just to do better than last year, so hopefully that’ll happen! If I continued the same pace as today, I would finish 10 minutes ahead of last year, so we’ll see. Anyway, I think I’ll go back to watching football and RELAXING a bit before dinner with some friends. Tomorrow I have an early flight to Chicago for a funeral…leaving and coming back the same day, so it should be a long one. But next week is gonna be pretty busy with interviews and such, so goodness gracious I hope something works out!!! As much as I like being able to watch the Ellen show every day, I think I’d rather have a job đŸ˜›