Oh my goodness, the past few weeks I have been saving up lots and lots of images for this post, and I hope you enjoy them. Apparently in my time of unemployment, my hobby (besides baking bread) has become searching Craigslist for fixer-upper real estate and dreaming about how I would renovate and decorate each space. Honestly I would like to fix up my own house or flip it to someone else, but as I have a mound of student debt and no income to speak of other than past TA jobs that keep trickling in, now is not the ideal time to be planning real estate investments. But that doesn’t stop me. So here are some of my inspirations that have been floating around up there…

An old image, but I still love the color, the cozy corner of paintings and books (organized by color), and the dog! We are still waiting for a furry friend of our own…

katebinghampeek1 via design sponge

LOVE the white built-ins, the stone fireplace, and the wood spiral staircase.

1-28-09cottage6 via apt therapy

More built-ins

zelen8 sneak peek via design sponge

LOVE the butterfly mobile, and the graphic print sheets…

revivalpeek10 via design sponge diy dresser

Painted staircase runner!!!

Picture 5 via elements of style

I really like this whole space…the built-in bookshelves, the chaise up against the smaller credenza, the big painting over the fireplace and the large mirror against the adjacent wall. Of course this would never work in our home as Drew is planning to buy a large flat screen TV as soon as he can, but, I can dream 🙂


I really like the layout of this room…if our living room was a bit wider I think it would have been nice flipped. And there’s even an unobtrusive spot for a desk!!! (which by the way he never uses)


From the IKEA catalog…lately I’ve been really into stripes. This room might be a little too over the top for me, but good ideas on how to use a round table so that it looks in proportion…

living room

More stripes…I just LOVE this idea of white bedding with a striped skirt. I’d love to use this against my blue and white dream bedroom.

stripes and floral

Mmmm I just love this color combination of pale blue and red/orange–but mostly white! I can’t tell if that’s a chair rail or waistcotting, but I love it! And the rattan shades…


Speaking of waistcotting, I LOVE this idea to incorporate a darker color paint that isn’t too overwhelming. I like the chest and the painting on the wall, but not too big a fan of the table and chairs.


Similar color and LOVE the painting over the bookshelves!


Really like this idea to display many photos in an organized way…


LOVE this Tiffany-painted kitchen!


Similar in color…love this idea for a painted hutch.

07painted5-21-09_rect540 via apt therapy

Don’t you just love this milk glass chandelier from Tonic Home?

saraglasschandeliercanopydesigns tonichome

More pretty white beds with a bold pattern pillow…


And finally–this one I like because of the window braces (they remind me of my grandmother’s old house), and the calm, modern color of everything else in the room. We have similar yellowy walls, and I have been at a loss for how to decorate with them so that everything isn’t a beige mess!


Ooops, just one more. Don’t you love this tiled shower? I rather like the little round ones.

tileideas031709 via apt therapy