Gorgeous rooms, don’t you think? I just love all the color and happiness in them. I think about every blue room I right click and save because I just love that color on walls!

-so bright and cheery! I don’t know that I’d ever have the guts to buy red and lime furniture, but I hope I will!


-really like the cabinets and gosh I really like black and white tile floors in kitchens…


-love the color of that orange dresser. Love the hardware; would go great with a granny smith apple green and mocha.

Picture 18

-I like this bright blue without being dark. Also I’ve really been digging bare wood stairs lately.

Picture 6

-I think I would paint that stair rail white, but I really like the deep green against the rug, love!


-the next three pics are of the same room…love all the color in the furniture/artwork against the neutral wall with a GREAT pattern!




-a slightly more colorful version of the IKEA black and white look. I just love that rug…


-if you know me, you know why I love this dresser.

michelleafter1 via design sponge

-pretty little vignette

3800088818_d4f4f3895e via little glowing lights

-calming, with white walls. Still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with our living room without painting…it looks like a beige explosion.

3863830806_8772e5b4c2 via little glowing lights

-a screenshot from one of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother…I LOVE the turquoise and black end table, so I had to share.


[images via little glowing lights, apartment therapy dc, design*sponge, flickr, watchxonline]


6 Responses to “Rooms”

  1. Meg

    Actually, the lime and cream paint job in my townhouse was inspired by Robin’s apartment, season one…Now I just have to get some rich hardwoods and unify my accents so that the room has the edgy-yet-homey look I was going for. Now, if only someone would donate a few thousand dollars to the renovating-the-townhouse-I-don’t-currently-live-in cause…

    • jess

      Hahah I THOUGHT it might be! A little while ago I rewatched the old episodes and I was like, hey, that looks like Meg’s living room. Oh yes, wouldn’t hardwood floors be grand??

  2. Meg

    Yep, I knew the minute I saw Robin’s living room in Episode One that I wanted her color scheme. I don’t think it looks BAD in my house, but it could look a whole lot better with better floors and decor. It’s kind of scary to be that bold with your colors.

    I dream of hardwoods. Hardwoods and rugs to define different parts of the room. I’m not above settling for a good-looking laminate, though. Wallet would like that a whole lot better.

    Lastly, I LOVE looking at these design photos you post.

    • jess

      I really like your living room!

      And yeah, I don’t care that the floors are real wood, and actually sometimes the laminate looks better in my opinion!

      Thanks friend! I didn’t even know you read my blog so I’m glad someone’s enjoying these posts! 🙂

  3. misscontemplative

    OMG I absolutely adore the way this was decorated! Such a cozy look and feel. Love the staircase especially with the light and airy color.


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