bread 003

Hey hey!

Did these before the marathon but just got a chance to load the pictures onto my computer. I apologize for the terrible quality but I had to take them at night because I was leaving at 6am the next day and wanted to bring them with me (they were all eaten!). I really enjoyed this recipe–I used the knot technique for shaping, and now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I think my next batch will be even better looking. Didn’t realize that kaiser rolls are part of the rustic family, but I have to say, I’m really enjoying my ghetto method of hearth baking!!! (If you haven’t been reading my posts, I use a turkey baster for the water sprays) Anyway, really liked the flavor…crispy crust, and I liked the texture on the inside because of the roping. It almost felt like eating a croissant at certain points, because chunks would tear away like they do from the folds of croissants. Very fun! I think I will do more experimenting with fun shapes in the future…up to know I have been pretty conservative in my boules because I just like the look so much! Sometimes the braids on top of braids on top of braids just looks kind of chunky, you know?

bread 005

bread 008

Looking forward to the crackers! Should be able to whip those out tomorrow. Then onto light wheat bread—hooray a sandwich bread!!!! I can’t wait. Oh, and stop ogling and start baking!