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Here it is–the latest installment of the BBA Challenge! This week we had Lavash Crackers, which initially I wasn’t looking forward to that much. After planning to make them weeks ago, I finally made them this week to bring to a potluck for my new book club (our first book is the Unbearable Lightness of Being, and if you’d like to follow along, I think I will blog after each meeting to sum up the most interesting points! Our first meeting is on November 22. SUPER excited about reading this one especially–I’ve heard such good things!).

But back to baking. Anyway, like the past couple of recipes, I kneaded this one by hand, and wow, it really took a lot out of me given that the dough was so stiff! When Reinhart mentioned that the dough should be firmer than french bread, but less so than bagel dough, I admit to feeling a bit squeamish about returning to that one sans mixer. The ten minutes of kneading felt like an eternity as my hands turned arthritic and my shoulders and triceps burned faint flames, but it is quite satisfying. I really do enjoy the sound of the gas bubbles getting squashed up as you sink your hands into the dough. Luckily this was a one-day bread, so after one rise it was ready to be rolled out and put on the cookie sheet.

After lamenting the fact that we don’t have poppy seeds or sesame seeds to use as spices, I stuck with my grindable sea salt to season the top of the crackers before putting them into the oven. Well, about 10 minutes later when they should have been done, I realized my crackers were probably (a lot) thicker than they should have been, because they were nowhere near done! So they stayed in for about 20 more minutes and then I took them out to cool, then broke them apart into “artful” triangles. Then I packed them up along with the chicken corn chowder I was making concurrently, and set out towards Petworth! Just got around to taking pictures of the remains from the party–I think they were a success and a friend took most of the bag home to munch on..hooray! Looking forward to the light wheat bread…perhaps tonight…

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