Anyone else doing NaNo? Holy crap, I just looked at the permalink above and realized it was October 23, which means we have just a week left to plot and outline and in general gird our loins before this crazy adventure begins. To be honest, I am a little freaked out. I am still going back and forth between writing what has been tugging at me for a while…something a bit closer to home, which will surely be goopy, hastily written trash, but might be therapeutic to get on paper…and something (yet to be imagined) that is very far off that would allow me to get into a stranger’s head for a while. Thoughts? Anyone else in this predicament? And anyone blogging their novel? I think I have decided against it, but I would love to read others’ projects throughout the month as inspiration–especially literary fiction pieces.

Hooray! I just found out a dear, dear friend has decided to do NaNo this year as well! Okay, maybe I can do this. As a last resort, I will be competitive enough to whip out the word count to avoid shame. Always a good motivation, no?

Back to outlining!