I think most people tend to buy one kind of item when they go shopping: pants, sweaters, t-shirts, workout gear, work attire, jewelry, bags, shoes…for me it is dresses. Whenever I go shopping I am immediately drawn to pretty, flouncy, usually dressy dresses. I find it perfectly reasonable to spend $300 on a nice dress, but balk at spending the same for a shirt and pants. I think it might be an aspirational thing, and if I’m ever rich and famous, I plan to have a wardrobe full of dresses that I wear daily. For now my normal routine is jeans and a t-shirt or sweater, though when I’m working I get to wear all my dressy clothes, which is nice. And all this to say–here are a couple dresses that I have saved!

From Lirola’s etsy shop

I don’t usually go for drop waists, but I love this Adrianna Pepell dress from Nordstrom

Not exactly a dress, but a flouncy jacket from Tulle

And I love these costumes from The Joffrey Ballet

One Response to “Dresses”

  1. moderneve

    i agree. i love dresses – and i do have a closet full. for me, there’s just something fabulous about a whole outfit in one article of clothing!


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