I’ve been accumulating these for the past month while I was writing away on my novel. Lately I’ve gotten really into stone houses and homes in little alcoves of trees and gardens–hope you enjoy them!

Oh my gosh–I want this house. Love the Tudor design, chimney on the front facade, arched doorway, and leaded glass windows. And of course the beautiful gardens! Seriously, I want to live here (actually located in Maryland–being rented out though, dang).

Pretty salvage wood staircase with wrought iron hand rail.

Love this house…that porch looks so serene! And I like the large dark door in the front. Kind of funky window placement on the second level, but I like it.

Love the columns and semi-circle garden and stone path…I am a real sucker for stone pavers…

So pretty! Love the wide outlines on the windows and the wraparound porch.

Looks kind of squat, but I love the roof and the location underneath the old tree. Those hedges would have to GO though.

I like the placement of this one, and the contrast of the bright red doors against the conservative architecture. And that tree!

Possibly the cutest bungalow of all time. Can you tell I love front porches?

My dream backyard. LOVE the broken stone pavers around mulched areas of plants, and the benches and tables throughout. I’m going for a messy formal garden look.

That’s it! LOTS of interiors coming up!

[all images via Craigslist]