Isn’t that a pretty painting? In the words of Noah’s dad from The Notebook, that’s a damn picture, there.

Things are going well. Still no job, but looking and applying like a fiend and training the dog in the meantime (who, incidentally, decided to unlearn the command “down,” which is incredibly frustrating. silly dog!). Also made two loaves of bread today to try and get back on track for the BBA Challenge. Am woefully behind, but hoping I can get a few done before I leave for Christmas vacation, which is coming up so quickly I can’t believe it! We’re going down to Florida for the holidays, which should be lots of fun. Drew is headed up to Cleveland, and will be taking Goliath with him. I just hope his grandpa doesn’t terrorize him. We do spoil him a bit*. But yeah, just found out we’re also going to the Outback Bowl since Northwestern will be playing Auburn. So yay! I love bowl games; we’ve been to at least one for the past two years (Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl and the Eagle Bank Bowl, and Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl) and they’re lots of fun. Alright, off to shower and get dinner ready! Drew gets cranky if we don’t have food early-ish.

*a LOT.

3 Responses to “Hey hey”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel

    Yes, it is a lovely painting. Best wishes on finding a job. How funny about the dog unlearning the “down” command. Ha! Thank you for sharing.

    • jess

      woah-weird! apparently one of my posts from 2009 randomly republished itself?? thankfully i am gainfully employed at this point, and the dog has mastered “down” again–hooray! thanks for the comment!

  2. Carol Ann Hoel

    This is odd. I just checked and I did receive an email notice on this particular post today. I wasn’t sure if I knew you when I received the email, so I was poking around in your blog today trying to find out if I knew you. When I received your reply comment I thought I had gotten lost in your blog and commented on a the wrong post. I did recognize your photo in “About Me” so I’ve been here before. Unsolved mystery!


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