The next bread I did was marbled rye. I love marbled rye, so I was very excited to make my own and see if it measured up. I went to the store to get the white rye flour…except they didn’t have any. The only thing they had was a stone milled dark rye flour, so that would have to work. I brought it home and took out the first scoop–wow, they weren’t kidding when they said stone milled! I found it to be quite chunky…thought briefly of sifting it but then realized I don’t have a sifter and really, it would be fine. So I proceeded according to the directions (kneading in the stand mixer…my hands needed a break since last time) and made the light and dark rye doughs. Incidentally, the only difference between the two is the addition of cocoa powder or coffee grounds. Naturally I added both. Once they set to proof, I realized the chunkiness of the flour really added a lot of weight, which I’m guessing(?) is why they didn’t rise very much in 90 minutes. I let them go a little longer, and then rolled them into a spiral. Man, I really need to work on my spirals; I just am not happy with them. I’m thinking that if I staggered the pieces of dough as I rolled them, there would be less of the last one getting globbed into a big ball (the part under the upside down U), but we’ll see. Into the oven it went and here’s the result! It is pretty hearty, but I love the flavor, and Drew says it tastes like the bread at Outback, which I’ll take as a compliment because I like their bread. Since he likes it I’ll try and do a little force feeding, with butter or whatever at dinner, etc. We’ll see. ANYway, I think next I have a multigrain bread, so I better finish up these two before I move on to another sandwich bread. Feels good to be back in the challenge again, so hopefully it won’t be a month until I bake the next one. We’ll shoot for a week. 🙂