Isn’t this amazing?

As soon as I saw it I was like, ooh! What abstract painting would I like to be made into a cake? I decided on a bridge over lily pads by Monet.

I think the idea would work best with impressionist paintings since icing tubes can only be so small…but isn’t that neat? It occurred to me that it would make a fun, non-traditional wedding cake.

And speaking of wedding-related things, these are the cutest invitations EVER.

And while we’re at it, this is what I would give a bride-to-be at her lingerie shower.

So cute and flirty, no? I just adore it. Alright, back to the Saints-Vikings game…go Saints!

4 Responses to “Starry Night Cake”

  1. Neil

    1. The Starry Night cake does look amazing.

    2. I really like the dress you posted at the end. Very contemporary but at the same time, elegant.

  2. jess

    Thanks Neil! It’s actually a robe! I need someone to buy it for…I already have two myself (incl one we got from our apartment building, go figure) 🙂

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