Happy Friday!

Sorry for the lack of postage–and I don’t even have an excuse since we’ve been home ALL WEEK because of snow!!! It’s been wild. The best day was Saturday because the plows weren’t out yet and there weren’t any cars on the road, so Crystal City was pretty much a ghost town. Drew and I decided to take Goliath out and let him play in the snow because he LOVES snow. At that point there was a foot or two of snow on the ground (oh yes, do you like how cavalier I am about one foot vs. two? That’s because we got about two more feet on top of THAT!). We had a blast. There were a bunch of people out walking in the middle of the street, and we let Goliath off leash and watched him hop around like a rabbit in the unplowed bits. Oh man it was hilarious because he would make trenches wherever he went. We took a few pics on Drew’s camera so I thought I’d share them with you!

I love him!

Look at me, Mama!

Drew and Goliath explore the volleyball courts.

Hahahaha, I love this one. This was mid-hop, obviously.

Drew is a giant! Goliath is amazed.

Making trenches.

Lots of fun in the snow.

Looks like things are back to normal and most of the snow has melted off our patio and our roads are mostly cleared (though a lot of snow is still piled up…everywhere). Looking forward to getting outside of the house and doing things this weekend after several days of being cooped up inside. Cabin fever, baby! Anyway, I best get back to work so I can get everything done before Drew gets home. Goliath, thankfully, is finally resting from his busy week of playtime.